Hey, we all have to make concessions during these tough economic times. Denis is no different. (He’s even been known to re-use a couple of jokes from his act!).

And if you’re a major retailer or corporation looking to lower the cost to have Denis perform at your next AGM, convention, conference, banquet or get-together, here’s the deal. Maybe you’ve got something Denis needs – something that could underwrite part (or, in some cases, all) of his fee.

You wouldn’t be the first to barter, either. Denis has already performed for a brand new pair of NHL-calibre goalie pads, a laptop computer and hardware store gift cards.

But we’re talking new new stuff only, ‘kay?! (So, no. Please don’t rummage through the garage or attic for that old circular saw or pair of skis your Uncle Howie bequeathed to you in 1998).

Check out the list of stuff that Denis IS looking for:

  • A really great barbecue
  • Blackberry or iPhone
  • Snowblower
  • Winter tires for an F-150
  • Desktop P.C. or Mac computer
  • Digital video camera
  • High quality small kitchen appliances e.g. panini press
  • Lawn tractor
  • 40-foot aluminium ladder
  • Treadmill
  • Chainsaw gear
  • A lifetime supply of Lego and/or Bionicles. (Yes, I have kids under 10).
  • Family holiday/vacation
  • Left-handed 4001 Rickenbacker bass guitar. (It's okay if this one has been gently used)
  • Goalie pads
  • Goalie blocker and trapper – for a leftie
  • Goalie mask – like Tim Thomas’s of the Bruins
  • NHL hockey tickets
  • Chest freezer
  • High quality three-person tent (Sierra Design, MEC, Eureka, etc)



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