(from letters-of-recommendation, available upon request, read examples of full letters here)

Denis gave us an excellent performance that was enjoyed by all. He was humourous, topical, witty and our francophone members appreciated his banter back and forth with them. He spent time researching our organization and speaking with me personally, and sent material in advance to insure he was relevant and would not offend anyone, which he did not.
Retired Teachers of Ontario
Your easy going style and funny anecdotes were well received by all our members. I really appreciated the time you took to speak with me before the event in order to add a ‘Halton’ flavour to your act.
Elementary Teachers’ Federation – Halton
Your humour suited our members very well, as you provided a mix of educational funnies but took us outside our school world as well. Many participants were also impressed that you took the time to arrive early to get to know us and tailor your act directly to us.
Elementary Teachers’ Federation – York Region
A wonderful job. Denis has a very sharp wit and an impressive repertoire of amusing stories.
Superintendent – Trillium Lakelands School Board
Denis’ noon hour presentation was a pleasing mix of very topical educational humour and interaction with various members of our staff. I would highly recommend that he be considered by any staff interested in a novel way of reducing stress levels...
Nepean High School
The final applause from out TBU members was loud and sustained – an unequivocal indication of the degree to which they felt revived by your comic stories and remarks. Teachers tend to be pretty critical so in my estimation you hit a home run.
Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation - Waterloo
Extremely entertaining. We were particularly impressed that you focused your routine on issues pertinent to our field in a manner that was sensitive to the political correct world in which we function….the perfect start to our event.
Canadian Association of Communicators in Education
I for one found you very entertaining and had no complaints about the show or your material..and would book you again, given the opportunity
Vice-president – Simcoe Elementary Teachers’ Federation
That noon hour of humour and fun lightened our spirits and made us smile for the rest of the day.
Pleasant Valley Secondary School – Armstrong B.C.



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