(from letters-of-recommendation, available upon request, read examples of full letters here)

Your humour was the perfect ending to a very full and productive day. In particular, I appreciate the fact that you avoided the use of  words or phrases that could have been offensive to certain sectors of the audience... you are the only comedian we have hired who has succeeded in this.
Chicken Farmers of Ontario
Your standup presentation was excellent.
Ontario Soil and Crop Association
Your brand of country humour, combined with your ability to interact with the audience was a perfect fit with our crowd that has its roots in rural Ontario.
Shur-Gain Feeds
We enjoyed the show immensely. It was good, clean fun. It was nice to have you come in with a general idea of what we do and go through every day. I’m sure there was a bonding moment. Many told us they especially enjoyed the personal approach to your act.
O’Rourke Transport Inc
We wanted an event that created a buzz in the industry and show the predominantly American crowd that Canadians can really put on a show….and I have received many emails and phone calls praising your hilarious and very appropriate routine.
North American Direct Marketing Association
There was a definite connection with your country humour and our farming audience.
Devolder Farmers – Sarnia
You were sensational! Your stories create a nostalgic fuzzy feeling and remind us of our childhood.
Ontario Pork
The group really enjoyed your sense of humour, your delivery and ability to communicate with them in the business of agriculture.
Bayer Crop Science
Your ability to read and work with the audience was very evident throughout your delightful humourous presentation.
Thunder Bay Soil and Crop Improvement Association
You were just hilarious. For 45 minutes we all forgot about our daily troubles. That is a real tribute to your talent – to enable farmers to forget about their problems.
Norfolk Soil and Crop Improvement Association
With many of our members suffering the fall-out from BSE, we really needed the lift that your humour provided. We particularly enjoyed the way you interacted with the folks and made an effort to tailor your material to you agriculturally based audience.
Northumberland Federation of Agriculture
You really made a great effort to focus your relaxed humour on every day life in rural agricultural communities. It was obvious you knew your audience.
Orangeville Agricultural society
Your personal repertoire and anecdotes were infectious…you had the crowd falling out of their seats in laughter.
Chesterville Fair
Denis took the time to insure his material would be appropriate for our group. As a result, he was enthusiastically received. We heartily recommend him as an entertainer.
Rural Women’s Business Network
Denis had the house in stitches with his comedic sketch on rural living and some of the new things he learned about horse people hanging around the conference that day.
Ontario Equestrian Federation
Denis succeeded admirably in making our members – from all across the province – laugh heartily. And he even managed to squeeze in some jokes about snowmobiling. How many comedians can do that?
Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs
A large number of our guests were farmers and the humourous farm and life experiences you related really connected with the audience. Your acute observations and attention to details were very evident in your delightful presentation.
Northumberland Agriculture Association



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