(excerpts from newspaper reviews; all available on request)

"Too many comics seem desperate. Grignon, however, is wonderfully relaxed…"
The Globe and Mail
"Grignon is a sharp and likeable standup comic who respects an audience's intelligence…"
The Ottawa Citizen
"How does he bring the house down all the time? It's the little things…like puffed wheat cereal."
The Montreal Gazette
"Folksy, infectious and specifically targeted to his audience, Mr. Grignon's humour was a definite hit with the crowd."
Stratford Beacon Herald - reviewing Rural-Urban Night
"Highlighting the evening 'full-time comedian, part-time farmer', Denis Grignon had guests rolling with laughter….his friendly interaction with the crowd was particularly entertaining…"
The North Wellington Minto Express
"Nothing offensive and some farm jokes thrown in….let's hope for more on CBC from Grignon."
Voice of the Farmer
“Grignon finally get his due.”
The Ottawa Sun (on Denis earning his first network TV special)
"Grignon brought the house down.."
The Cornwall Standard-Freeholder
"His familiar and down-to-earth style made people feel comfortable, as if they were at home….that rapport goes a long way to breaking the ice with an audience….."
The Iroquois Chieftan
“Grignon does a terrific…franglais rant as delivered by his mother.”
The Toronto Sun
"Sharp material and a quick way with improv as he chatted with the crowd."
The Ottawa Citizen
“Denis had guests rolling in the aisles with laughter with his brand of stand-up comedy.”
The Minto Express

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