Performing comedy that's minus the naughty words and cheap put downs is no stretch for Denis.
In his 25 + years as a comedian, he's always been more comfortable with an act that works above the neck, not below the belt.
It's why he's one of the forces behind the No Foul Language Comedy Tour, which has twice been recorded for CBC Radio's Laugh Out Loud.
(Fluently bilingual, he also performs in French).
An award-winning journalist, Denis's work is still featured regularly on CBC National Radio and in various publications, including The Toronto Star.

Since 2010, Denis has been part of comedian James Cunningham Funny Money Team. The multi-award winning program travels across Canada providing unbiased financial information to help high school students understand and manage their current financial affairs, and those they will face after graduation.
He's even performed on the other side of the planet - for Canadian Forces stationed in Afghanistan.
Indeed, it is Denis's ability to research his audiences and custom write material that has made his comedy a hit with major corporations and organizations, small, rural groups, farmers and even educators.


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