Here’s what people are saying about Denis:

You tailored your opening remarks to our participants and to the event, including appropriate humour. ..outstanding

Public Works Canada

Tying several jokes to our industry and mentioning our competitors showed that you had done your resarch

Ryerson Steel

From the start, Denis took the time and energy to understand our company and convention objectives… and was incredibly flexible and quick on his feet when improvisation was called for

Shnier Flooring

You managed to find humour in both the banking industry and farming that allowed you to strike a familiar chord with us.

TD Bank

The scripted portion was fun…..but you reminded us that, yes, an accountant’s job can be humourous to outsiders

Collins Barrow Kawartha LLP

Wonderful! I appreciated the effort to get to know as much as possible about the audience in advance.

Canadian Media Guild

Denis was better able to connect with us and what we do because of the research he did beforehand.

Aquaculture Canada

That noon hour of humour and fun lightened our spirits and made us smile for the rest of the day.

Pleasant Valley Secondary School – Armstrong B.C.

I for one found you very entertaining and had no complaints about the show or your material..and would book you again, given the opportunity

Simcoe Elementary Teachers’ FederationVice-president

Extremely entertaining. We were particularly impressed that you focused your routine on issues pertinent to our field in a manner that was sensitive to the political correct world in which we function….the perfect start to our event.

Canadian Association of Communicators in Education