A Different kind of Podcaster

The podcasts Denis creates and hosts for businesses sound less like, well, a podcast and more like a polished, professionally-produced show. Or a really cool newsletter, but in audio form, that will attract listeners beyond just your organization. 

How does Denis do this?

By drawing on his 30 plus years as a trained print and broadcast journalist to research and prepare for interviews. 

And the 100-plus radio documentaries he’s produced for Canada’s public broadcaster means he also knows a thing or two (or a gazillion) about how to use and mix sound to 

tell a story – your story.

The result is a smart and thoughtful program developed just for you. Sometimes touching, sometimes funny – an engaging way to attract a whole new audience to you and what you offer.

Give a listen to the podcasts – er….shows   – Denis produces and we’re confident you’ll agree he can create a great one for you!