Here’s what people are saying about Denis:

Your performance, fluent in both English and French, drew chuckles from the dentists and dental team members who were in attendance.

Canadian Dental Association

I heard very positive comments about your show. You covered a wide range of topics and your delivery showed great versatility that appealed to all age groups. And I appreciated the fact that you prepared your act to comment on optometry issues and that you brought attention to our two outgoing presidents. I also liked that you arrived early

Canadian Association of Optometrists

Truly, wholesome entertainment. You are to be congratulated for delivering your material with a good balance of French and English…you immediately established a friendly banter with individuals in the audience

Royal BankEmbrun

Although his jokes are intended for an adult audience, they are not crass or offensive. His material was quite varied, and he was able to appeal to the entire audience. A jolly good time was had by all.”

Ryan Lamontagne FinancialOttawa

The icing on the cake. My clients really enjoyed your wonderful entertainment

Money Concepts

I wanted to personally thank you. Your comedy is current and original. You managed to involve and interact with many of the guests in your act without offending or embarrassing anyone.

Royal Bank - Ottawa

Your show was warm, funny and dynamic. You brought much laughter to our year end event.

Advocis OttawaPresident

A terrific and fun-filled show. The smiles and laughter were a sure sign of how much everyone enjoyed you.


We had a great time and everyone enjoyed your humour.

Brady Financial Group

Your performance was top notch and added to the success of the evening

Business Development Bank of Canada