(from letters-of-recommendation, available upon request, read examples of full letters here)

A brilliant performance…you made the transition from dinner to the remainder of the evening so interesting. The fact that your act is not in the least R-Rated makes it an appropriate choice for any function.

Lauria Pontiac Buick – Port Hope
The standing ovation you received was well-deserved….your act was ‘clean’ and you included the guest of honour in your jokes without insulting him.
Canadian Tire – Cornwall
Fantastic…A most entertaining part of our evening. The crowd at our awards ceremony was very receptive to your performance.
Port Hope Chamber of Commerce
All our employees appreciated your very witty, good clean humour; especially your dialogue with staff.
Canadian Tire – Alliston
Without exception, everyone I spoke with was very complimentary about your performance.
Orleans Chamber of Commerce
I really can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard I cried and I can tell you that looking around the room there were a few others having a hard time staying on their chairs from laughing so hard. I was looking for something a little different from previous years and hit on a true winner with you.
Osgoode Properties - Ottawa



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